STEAM:CODERS invites guests to address our students, regarding academic and career opportunities in the STEAM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. If you are interested in making a guest appearance, please complete and submit the Guest Speaker Information Form. Return the completed form to us at,  STEAM:CODERS, P.O. Box 90213 Pasadena, CA 91109-0213. Or, you can email it to Follow us @SteamCoders on Twitter.

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I hereby certify that all information on this application, and all information submitted as part of this process, is complete and accurate. A Guest Speaker’s name and/or picture may appear in local and national publications and online. The session may also be videotaped and used in marketing materials. I agree to hold harmless STEAM:CODERS and the host location of the STEAM:CODERS program, class, workshops and tours, and/or their employees, volunteers, vendors and agents for any and/or all injuries and damages incurred during my visit. *