“To whom it may concern, I thank you all for your time in teaching me with your program STEAM (coder class). It was so much fun and I loved learning all of the new things about coding. Although I have done some other app programming classes, I think this was the most fun and educational. As if it couldn't get any better, we ate pizza at the end! I got a chance to eat two full slices of pizza with my friends. I learned so much and I'm looking forward to making some more apps at home. I really can't wait until the next STEAM class!” - Adrianna

“Today I attended your STEAM codes writing class. I want to thank this program for teaching me new things that I did not know. I first thought that it would be complicated, but it actually turned out to be easy to understand and a lot of fun! The volunteers, especially Mr. John, were helpful and kind. They helped me when I needed help and applauded when I did great. The raffle was fun, especially when I won. To top it all off, I had three hot slices of pizza! I am looking forward to attending your next class.” - Arthur


"They really did enjoy it. Exceeded expectations. I think it provided the spark they needed to do more, especially for my older daughter who did not think technology was her thing.. u are doing great work!" - David


"The class was great and it's such an awesome experience to see the kids enjoying coding so much. Thanks for the opportunity. " - Kim

"We had an amazing time helping out at the Backpack Giveaway.  Thanks for letting us know about the event!" - Corrie

"Your organization has inspired me to spread the love of coding with others around me and for that, I'm incredibly grateful." - Taylor